The Watermarked Trilogy by Danielle Butler

When Cam learns about her family’s history she’s plunged into ancestral mystery and the magic of the sea. And what she discovers could be the key to changing everything.

An ancient evil rises from the deep, threatening everything and everyone Cam loves. She must find new allies, unearth more secrets, and discover new sides of those closest to her just to survive.

Cam races against time to harness her growing power and reunite her family. When faced with a shattering loss, she must decide what she’s willing to sacrifice to save those she loves.

“A magical and mysterious coming of age story. Filled with first love, family love, and a deep love of the natural world we are a part of.”

— Amanda Saint, author of Remember Tomorrow

“An enchanting world filled with beautiful, complex characters, Watermarked and Landbound are must-reads! If you’re looking for your next can’t-put-down YA urban fantasy, try these! SO good!”

— Christina Albetta, book reviewer

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