I have been fascinated with stories my whole life. Being the youngest, I had a lot experience both “keeping myself entertained” and being “directed” in whatever pretend-time drama my siblings concocted for us to pass time. I loved reading (natch) and movies and TV shows. None of that has changed over the years, just the way I interact with story. I spent a lot of time as a long-form improv and stage actor and more time as a development executive/producer and story producer for film & TV.

Watermarked was my first novel, and the second in the series, Landbound, is launching in summer of 2020.
Car-enthusiast-adjacent, I also write about my cute Smart car and being the official “plus one” in a classic Ferrari and the places “The Mistress” (as she’s known) takes us.

American-made, I live the exPat life in the UK where I have to drive on the left and basically learn a whole new language.