I have been fascinated with stories my whole life. Being the youngest, I had a lot experience both “keeping myself entertained” and being “directed” in whatever pretend-time drama my siblings concocted for us to pass time. I loved reading (natch) and movies and TV shows. None of that has changed over the years, just the way I interact with story. I spent a lot of time as a long-form improv and stage actor and more time as a development executive/producer and story producer for film & TV.

Watermarked was my first novel, and the second in the series, Landbound, launched in summer of 2020, and now the final book in the trilogy, Tideborne, was released December 2021.
Car-enthusiast-adjacent, I also write about my cute Smart car and being the official “plus one” in a classic Ferrari and the places “The Mistress” (as she’s known) takes us.

American-made, I was living the exPat life in the UK, driving on the left and basically learning a new language, but I have recently returned to the States. Now I’m living in Atlanta in a hundred year old house surrounded by trees that aren’t much younger.