A French Weekend With My Husband’s Daytona Mistress

I was thinking about this fun piece I wrote about an amazing event we got to go to because of my husband’s cool car and thought I’d share….

As featured in Petrolicious.com
Story by Danielle Butler, Photography by Lucile Pillet and Jonny Shears

I have just returned from a quick weekend in France with my husband and his mistress. I know what you must be thinking, but I do rather like her. Although she’s loud (and I hate her perfume), she’s undoubtedly beautiful (stunning really) and being with her inevitably makes us the centre of attention–whether we want it or not. She is the key to invitations to all manner of interesting events. People want to see her. They want to know her. When she’s around, they always come up to talk about her and how lovely/excellent/awesome/expensive/powerful she looks. I don’t mind. I just smile. I just get frustrated when she decides to be, let’s say, moody. My husband once joked that she was nearly as temperamental as me but who are we kidding? She’s definitely got me beat and if she’s feeling testy, no one is happy. Although, for the most part, she’s a load of fun and since she used to be my father-in-law’s, she really is part of the family.

The Mistress

At this point I suppose should explain that The Mistress is my husband’s red 1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona. You may know of her as she’s a bit of a minor celebrity. My husband is well and truly besotted and she’s often the central focus on blogs and in articles he writes about their adventures together. I don’t mind his infatuation. As I said, she’s often the reason we get invited to some really exceptional events. Last weekend we travelled down for the Journées d’Automne(Autumn Days) 2014 taking place in the Champagne region of France. Beautiful medieval villages, suave French people, pastoral landscape, and copious amounts of bubbly (after the driving of course) all were the icing on the cake of a weekend filled with other lovely/awesome/excellent/expensive/powerful cars.

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