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A car-enthusiast-adjacent’s take on the 77th Goodwood Member’s Meeting

So last weekend while the Mistress kept warm and dry and unmuddied, we went down to the 77th Goodwood Members Meeting. Last year I missed it because I was knackered on the Saturday and we got snowed in on the Sunday. I was told I would’ve hated it because it was so cold, but I still missed meeting up with friends.

This year started a little earlier for us because our friends, Jonny, Kat, and Karim, were managing a car that was going to race, the singular and very beautiful dark green Jaguar Gomm Special. They needed to be to Goodwood early Friday morning so broke up their trip by stopping at ours Thursday night.  Sated with pizza and wine, we all got a good night’s sleep before they were out the door bright and early the next day. We had to work so weren’t heading down until Saturday, so we missed out on the trip to Wahaca and other Friday night shenanigans.

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